An amazing second week, and a new MILEStone   2 comments

The Team Miles momentum continues with support from near and far in this second week of the fundraiser. Would you believe us if we told you that we have hit the $10K mark?!?! Yes, BELIEVE IT!! How extraordinary and unbelievable that we are already one quarter of the way to our goal. Perhaps Miles will even be able to get his new van a bit early. (It would make the most wonderful Thanksgiving gift, don’t you think?) Getting Miles in and out of his current van gets a little scarier every week, especially with his recent new growth spurts from all the weight-bearing he’s been able to do. It won’t be a moment too soon when we take delivery of an appropriately converted vehicle for him.

Please don’t forget about our tribute bookmarks when making a contribution or spreading the word. We want folks to feel that they can give financial support to our cause and get a beautiful (and functional) keepsake in return. They make a wonderful little surprise in a birthday or graduation or even a wedding card, or for your kids’ favorite teachers at the end of the school year.

THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time out of their busy day to care about Miles with such generosity. Can we ask you to keep up this momentum?


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A Great First Week   2 comments

Thank you to everyone who has provided support to “New Ride for Miles” in this first week. Already we have raised over $5K toward Miles’ new van!! It has been amazing to see the donations and bookmark purchases and posted comments start to come in. We have received individual donations in amounts from $5 to $1,000, and every single one makes a difference. Our story was told in last Sunday’s Portsmouth Herald, and people have reached out to tell us that they were touched by it. Tomorrow the Herald is running a more in-depth, full-length story on our fundraiser, this time with an interview by both of us parents and a photo of our whole family.

There is a lot to be done to really start to get the word out and raise the other $35K, and our family cannot do it alone. We need missionaries to help spread the word about the cause. We need go-getters who will organize a raffle…a pancake breakfast…a motorcycle event…an ice cream social. Or run a road race for Team Miles. You name it. We need kind-hearted souls to forward this blog URL and the Herald article link to everyone they know. This is a quintessential grassroots effort, which starts with community.

THANK YOU for a great first week.

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Mayday! Mayday! “New Ride for Miles” is officially launched   1 comment

It’s a beautiful, sunny “May Day” here in York, Maine, and we are delighted to formally launch our “New Ride for Miles” fundraiser today. Getting to this point has been a labor of love, and we are anxious to get started after six weeks of planning and preparing. Our sights are set on getting Miles his safe new ride for Christmas 2011.

Donation and tribute bookmark purchase options are now fully enabled on this site; just click through the corresponding links here on the “New Ride” homepage (below the photo banner) to get details, and to provide your financial support.

We are thrilled that the “New Ride for Miles” fundraiser story is featured in today’s edition of the Sunday Portsmouth Herald, as was our hope. The initial response has been amazing, with readers thanking me for sharing Miles’ story. So many people are unaware of this needy child in their community. It’s a good article that features the image of the custom bookmarks that we are selling for the cause. Read it at:

Our press release is also featured on page 2 of this week’s Weekly Sentinel, and will run in the Wednesday, May 4 issue of the York Weekly.

Thank you for joining and supporting us in this journey. Be sure to subscribe to this blog, so we can keep you updated with new events and happenings toward our goal.

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We’re now taking donations! Spread the word!   2 comments

This Sunday is the official launch of “New Ride for Miles,” but as of tonight WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY ABLE TO ACCEPT DONATIONS!!! Simply visit the DONATE area of this blog. There are two donation options: mailing a “paper” donation to the bank account we have set up for “New Ride,” or making an instant online donation via the PayPal button we’ve included. Donations in any amount are truly appreciated. And, now that we’re able to do the actual work of fundraising, will you please spread the word to others who might help? It’s as simple as sending them to Many thanks for your support getting us off to a great start for Miles’ new ride.

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Preparing for our “Mayday” launch   Leave a comment

Even though we do not yet officially kick off the “New Ride for Miles” campaign until May Day (May 1st), a lot of elfin magic is going on behind the scenes to prepare for mobilizing our troops. Lots of promotional items for the cause are being produced by Momma Bear, with help from a few talented friends…the bank and PayPal accounts are being created to accept donations…and–lo and behold!–teams in various cities are already forming, which was a delightful surprise out of the gates. We’re also starting to get the word out to local non-profits about Miles. It’s very exciting to start planting these seeds. Next week the press release goes out to the local news media. We figured that May Day was an appropriately symbolic time to start asking for help from the masses; the distress signal “Mayday” comes from a French phrase which means “come help me.” And the goal of a Christmas delivery for Miles’ van will make it the most heartwarming holiday season ever.

But, for now, warm weather is around the corner, and with it comes opportunities for fundraising events of all types for “New Ride for Miles.” Our hand-picked teams will be providing the brain power for such events, with the first team meeting at our house May 1st and the second in Boston Metro West on May 14. We have no intention of forcing anyone to sell donuts door-to-door for this cause. (Unless you’re into that sort of thing, in which case we support you wholeheartedly, having enjoyed fresh fundraiser donuts ourselves as kids.)  Thanks for tuning in, and stay tuned for updates as “New Ride for Miles” launches. Happy springtime!

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Start at the very beginning   Leave a comment

Welcome to this humble little blog, “New Ride for Miles.” It is the true story of a little boy named Miles who faces tremendous challenges every day. I know, because I am his mother. With a loving family, a wonderful extended care team, and pretty solid health insurance, we have been able to provide fairly well for Miles’ sometimes overwhelming needs. But suddenly he is six years old and weighs 45 pounds, and the cheapo conversion we did on a Honda Odyssey four years ago to accommodate his wheelchair is not working anymore. He practically hits his head every time he enters the van going up the ramp now. It’s scary! The cost of an adaptive van appropriate for his pediatric wheelchair, with an automated ramp, is very high, and neither insurance nor government funding is available to offset said cost for a disabled child. Thus we are rallying around and asking for the help of many to get Miles a new adaptive van as his Christmas 2011 gift. Bear with Momma Bear as I populate this blog with the necessary info and tools for making a donation; I promise to make it simple. “New Ride for Miles” is a big undertaking, but we are proud to honor our son, and to introduce him in a big way to his own community in the process. C’mon out, sweet Miles. It is time.

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