WE’VE CROSSED THE FINISH LINE (but we’re still running)!!   Leave a comment

Miles' new 2008 Toyota Sienna LE with top-of-the-line Braun conversion

We have wonderful news: we’ve hit our goal for the purchase of Miles’ new van!! And “Christmas in July” for him is coming tomorrow evening, with the arrival of his safe new ride. Amazingly, the fundraiser that was supposed to take eight months has taken just under three. Our “village” of family members, friends and kind strangers came out in full force once we made Miles’ needs known. (Mommy is pretty beat by the breakneck pace of managing it all, but is elated!)

Although we have just achieved full funding for the van, we are continuing to seek donations for the next week or two for the expenses related to getting it on the road. For example, our insurance premium will nearly double to adequately cover this new van with its high-end conversion.

Every donor has made a mark on our hearts that we will not forget. Thank you.

P. S. Stay tuned for photos of the delivery, the final Portsmouth Herald article, and the details of Michelle’s new blog on Miracle Miles.


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