LAST LAP: WE ONLY NEED $2K MORE!!   Leave a comment

Miles’ new 2008 Braun-converted Toyota Sienna LE, with only 9,000 miles, is en route from Maryland as I write. We only need $2K more now to take delivery at the end of next week and hit our “Christmas in July” goal. We’re so close we can taste it! (Which begs the question: what do silver minivans taste like?!)

So, in this final lap, the question becomes: who do you know who wants to see one of the hardest-working kids around get transportation that will make him safer and more comfortable when he travels to twice-weekly physical therapy appointments, weekly oral-motor therapy appointments, his great-grandparents’ lakehouse, and to church to hear Mommy sing in the choir? Something that will make it so much easier for his family to transport him that he will get to go to the beach, the Children’s Museum, and other fun places much more often?

Who do you know who cares deeply about those less fortunate, and would want to know about Miles? And will you talk to them about a last-lap donation? Or may I?

Thank you for all you’ve done to get us this far.


Posted July 23, 2011 by Michelle in Uncategorized

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