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Happy Memorial Day weekend. Our most amazing early success for the cause continues–at the end of the fourth week, we are already at $17.5K!!!! But please, let’s not let that make us complacent. 🙂

Donations of all sizes are still coming in, although they have slowed considerably without recent press coverage. Next week we will be distributing press releases to Greater Portland newspapers, and once we hit the $20K halfway mark, we will do another York-area release. We’re always looking for news angles! We are also starting to plan events and other tactical approaches to raising visibility and funds. Momma Michelle will start selling the tribute bookmarks at eBay and We are planning to have a fundraising night at The Upper Crust’s new Portsmouth location this summer (and they some of the best pizza we have EVER eaten); we are just waiting on a date assignment from them, which will probably be a Thursday in July. We are also seriously discussing releasing a high-caliber music compilation for sale online this summer. Stay tuned here for details and updates by clicking on “Subscribe to this blog,” above, if you haven’t already. And please feel free to post your fundraising ideas here.

Our fundraising progress is especially timely because we have struggled very recently getting Miles in and out of the van. We are not sure why– we suspect a growth spurt–but suddenly Miles’ head is just not clearing the van door opening at all while he’s at the top of the ramp. Last Friday he actually hit his head coming out of the van for his physical therapy session in South Berwick. We were able to do one more major adjustment to his wheelchair afterward, to lower him in it one more time, and buy us some more time for the new van.

THANK YOU to every donor thus far, and to everyone who has shared Miles’ story with others. Is there anyone else you know who might help? Let’s see how long we can sustain this thrilling world-record pace, and how quickly we can get Miles his much-needed safe new ride!

P.S. If anyone is interested in helping Miles in another important way, Michelle has just co-founded another fundraiser called “Help My Child Learn to Walk.” Tax-deductible donations made this summer will provide highly effective gait-training therapy at his special-needs school for the first time. Donors will actually be helping many non-ambulatory young students and adults–including sweet Miles–to learn to walk. For details, please visit


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