A Great First Week   2 comments

Thank you to everyone who has provided support to “New Ride for Miles” in this first week. Already we have raised over $5K toward Miles’ new van!! It has been amazing to see the donations and bookmark purchases and posted comments start to come in. We have received individual donations in amounts from $5 to $1,000, and every single one makes a difference. Our story was told in last Sunday’s Portsmouth Herald, and people have reached out to tell us that they were touched by it. Tomorrow the Herald is running a more in-depth, full-length story on our fundraiser, this time with an interview by both of us parents and a photo of our whole family.

There is a lot to be done to really start to get the word out and raise the other $35K, and our family cannot do it alone. We need missionaries to help spread the word about the cause. We need go-getters who will organize a raffle…a pancake breakfast…a motorcycle event…an ice cream social. Or run a road race for Team Miles. You name it. We need kind-hearted souls to forward this blog URL and the Herald article link to everyone they know. This is a quintessential grassroots effort, which starts with community.

THANK YOU for a great first week.


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2 responses to “A Great First Week

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  1. Wish I could donate enough to buy the van outright. Love you guys! You both and Miles are in my thoughts. Will continue to send good vibes.


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