Mayday! Mayday! “New Ride for Miles” is officially launched   1 comment

It’s a beautiful, sunny “May Day” here in York, Maine, and we are delighted to formally launch our “New Ride for Miles” fundraiser today. Getting to this point has been a labor of love, and we are anxious to get started after six weeks of planning and preparing. Our sights are set on getting Miles his safe new ride for Christmas 2011.

Donation and tribute bookmark purchase options are now fully enabled on this site; just click through the corresponding links here on the “New Ride” homepage (below the photo banner) to get details, and to provide your financial support.

We are thrilled that the “New Ride for Miles” fundraiser story is featured in today’s edition of the Sunday Portsmouth Herald, as was our hope. The initial response has been amazing, with readers thanking me for sharing Miles’ story. So many people are unaware of this needy child in their community. It’s a good article that features the image of the custom bookmarks that we are selling for the cause. Read it at:

Our press release is also featured on page 2 of this week’s Weekly Sentinel, and will run in the Wednesday, May 4 issue of the York Weekly.

Thank you for joining and supporting us in this journey. Be sure to subscribe to this blog, so we can keep you updated with new events and happenings toward our goal.


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One response to “Mayday! Mayday! “New Ride for Miles” is officially launched

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  1. Hi, I was truly touched by the article in the Sunday newsletter. Like Miles, our daughter Samantha was born with Down Syndrome 181/2 years ago. Also like Miles, Sam developed Infantile Spasms within the 1st 1/2 year of her life. Fortunately Samantha received treatment, which was risky and no longer available in the US, and faired well. I also beleive that community is our best advocate and am so glad you reached out to us for support. Good Luck and God Bless. Maria

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