We’re now taking donations! Spread the word!   2 comments

This Sunday is the official launch of “New Ride for Miles,” but as of tonight WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY ABLE TO ACCEPT DONATIONS!!! Simply visit the DONATE area of this blog. There are two donation options: mailing a “paper” donation to the bank account we have set up for “New Ride,” or making an instant online donation via the PayPal button we’ve included. Donations in any amount are truly appreciated. And, now that we’re able to do the actual work of fundraising, will you please spread the word to others who might help? It’s as simple as sending them to newrideformiles.wordpress.com. Many thanks for your support getting us off to a great start for Miles’ new ride.


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2 responses to “We’re now taking donations! Spread the word!

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  1. Hi Michelle, Steve,
    I went to your website to look for a page sized poster to hang up on my cube at work and to distribute. I have some of the business cards that Steve gave me but I would like something larger that people can see as the walk by. Do you have something like that?

    Tony Jolicoeur
  2. HI Tony, thank you for asking. I do have an 8.5 x 11″ flier that I am glad to supply to anyone who is interested. I would email it to you as a PDF and ask you to print what you need, if that is OK. I just need your email address, which you can include in your reply, or email us at “newrideformiles@gmail.com.”

    Miles and Co.

    Michelle Poppleton Chumsae

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