Preparing for our “Mayday” launch   Leave a comment

Even though we do not yet officially kick off the “New Ride for Miles” campaign until May Day (May 1st), a lot of elfin magic is going on behind the scenes to prepare for mobilizing our troops. Lots of promotional items for the cause are being produced by Momma Bear, with help from a few talented friends…the bank and PayPal accounts are being created to accept donations…and–lo and behold!–teams in various cities are already forming, which was a delightful surprise out of the gates. We’re also starting to get the word out to local non-profits about Miles. It’s very exciting to start planting these seeds. Next week the press release goes out to the local news media. We figured that May Day was an appropriately symbolic time to start asking for help from the masses; the distress signal “Mayday” comes from a French phrase which means “come help me.” And the goal of a Christmas delivery for Miles’ van will make it the most heartwarming holiday season ever.

But, for now, warm weather is around the corner, and with it comes opportunities for fundraising events of all types for “New Ride for Miles.” Our hand-picked teams will be providing the brain power for such events, with the first team meeting at our house May 1st and the second in Boston Metro West on May 14. We have no intention of forcing anyone to sell donuts door-to-door for this cause. (Unless you’re into that sort of thing, in which case we support you wholeheartedly, having enjoyed fresh fundraiser donuts ourselves as kids.)  Thanks for tuning in, and stay tuned for updates as “New Ride for Miles” launches. Happy springtime!


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